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Pain Management 
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Signs and Symptoms of Vein Disease


The following are signs of vein disease. If you are experiencing conditions similar to the ones below, please see your vascular specialist.

·tired or heavy-feelings legs
·leg pain from prolonged sitting or standing
·swollen ankles at night time
·varicose or spider veins, especially during or after pregnancy
·tingling, numbness, burning, or cramping in legs and feet
·discoloration of the skin
·open sores or ulcers on the lower leg
·history of vein problems in the family

As an authorized Medi dealer, we are certified to measure and match the right product for your needs.

What We Do

We help your feel comfortable about compression.

I. Either your physician will prescribe compression or we can test for Chronic Venous Insufficiency.


II. We meet individually with you to discuss your needs and concerns. We educate you on compression therapy and explain the various types of socks and stockings available.

III. A member of LaFrance team measures you to ensure proper sizing and fit. This is critical to the success of a compression therapy program.

IV. You select the style, color, number of stockings. We show you how to put on the garment and how to care for your compression legwear.

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